Experience Teaching a Video Game

This was such a fun project to do. I got to teach one of my classmates one of my favorite video games, Luigi’s Mansion on the GameCube. For the reflection on what I did to teach my classmate the game, I expand on some of my more vaguer sentences. Like I example in greater details what some problems my classmate had while playing the game. I also gave detail explanations on some of the hints I gave him. For example, in this game you have a vacuum you use to such up the ghost to defeat them. However, you can use the vacuum for so many others things. It was a common theme in the game of being able to suck up some forms of ball, like yarn ball or a beach ball, and shot back out at a ghost to stun it. Another common thing to do in this game, is to go around a hit/tap everything you see. One, you do this to get the money that usually comes out of these different pieces of furniture. Secondly, you did this sometimes to knock something into a ghost to injure it. My classmate discovered this the hard way. One ghost you are oppose to hit with a punching bag hanging from the ceiling gin the game, but what my classmate wasn’t expecting was for the punching bag to come back to hit him after hitting the ghost! This caused my classmate to lose health points, which he wasn’t happy about. After this experience, my classmate was quicker to get out of the way of flying objects.