Night Terrors, Part #2

Leaning back from him and looking into his eyes, I can see he is very serious about this. He grew up not trusting anybody and learning to listen when your body is screaming at you something is wrong then something is most definitely wrong. If he says somebody is watching us, then somebody is watching us.

I slowly stand up and smile at him, “Well Little E, we must be on our way. No need to keep mom waiting up for us.” I lie through my teeth and he just smiles up at me. We have been together long enough for him to understand our situation and how to respond accordingly.

“Kay Big E. Do you think mom will go let us see the new X-Men movie tomorrow? I really want to see it.” He talks like we have a family waiting on us to return home. The best way to turn unwanted attention away from you is to pretend people are waiting on you and would raise a fuss if you disappeared randomly.

We both start to walk further back into the dark alley and out onto the other side. We act like we wanted to dodge the crazy people in the street shouting the world is going to end and everything. Once we are out onto the neighboring street, we start to lazily stroll up it. We knew this city like the back of our hand and knew that up ahead was a chain-link fence with a whole just big enough in it to for us to get through. Our watcher wouldn’t able to follow us and we could escape into the run-down part of the city where there are over million or so places to hide.

Just a block from reaching the fence, I can feel a set of eyes focusing straight onto my back. It makes me feel like a monster is stalking me and wants to eat me. My heart starts to beat faster and faster.  I can feel my own monster raises inside of me, hoping for a fight to prove who the baddest monster out there is. I clinch and unclench my hands by my sides in effort of pushing down the monster inside of me down wherever it comes from. If let lose, somebody will get seriously hurt. Ethan glances up at me when I make a fist inside his small hand, but when he sees my face everything happens so suddenly. His face loses color, a sign my eyes have seriously changed color once again. Then next instance we both hear the shriek that shakes the hardness from our bones and leaves us into puddles of human goo. After the last ringing shriek dissipates into the stillness of the night air, but Ethan and I bolt into the direction of the fence. There is just one fact that keeps ringing in my head over and over again. The aliens have found us.

Night Terrors, Part #1

There are sirens blaring all throughout the city. I press myself up against the rough brick wall of some shop and watch as bright search light sweep across the city streets. They are searching the entire god dam place for somebody. Somebody who told them all where they could stick it and refused to obey their ridiculous demand. The demand that since nobody wanted them and they had no family then they was considered disposable. That somebody was me.

Hearing shouts and feet stomping, I quickly glance around the edge of the building. The only thing anybody could see was my eyes, Satan’s eyes. I have been told many times that my eyes were just plain freaky and shouldn’t exist. Many of the crueler people told me Satan wanted his eyes back. A priest even fainted once when he saw my eyes. He demanded I leave his church and never return, that Satan’s daughter would never be welcomed in church. Well then they shouldn’t annoy or make me angry then, if they didn’t want to see sparks of white-hot fire flickering in the blackness of them. They look like normal eyes until I get angry. Just regular deep-brown eyes. Without the fancy red and gold flecks dancing across them.

I can see a crowd of people on the opposite side of the street. They all stand together and are gaping at the sky. Many are pointing and screaming. One woman is sobbing that this is the end of everything. Wussy. I still follow their pointing fingers up into the sky. Even though it is pitch black outside with no glare of the moon to light anything up, I can still see the ship just causally floating up above us. I don’t know why they decided to park their asses in our sky, but the day they arrived. Everything changed. Especially for me and others like me. The Undesirables. The ones nobody wanted.

Their stupid demand was that we were just supposed to casually and happily walk up to these creatures and jump at the chance to go with them to their home world, where ever that was. They that we would be happy for this chance. That they that it would be for the greater good for us to go with them and then they could get some advanced technology shit to be able to help the jackasses that despised us. They were so shocked and horrified when we ran and disappeared. Then manhunt then started and I have been on the move since.

Nobody knew why the aliens wanted us kids, but it couldn’t be for anything good. Turning away from the curious gapers, I look down the other way to make sure everything is still in the clear. I slight tug on my jacket sleeve causes me to glance down at my side. There stands just a little ten-year-old boy. With messy, long blonde hair that touches his shoulders and the brightest blue eyes, he is the most adorable boy I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of kids in the foster system. He is also my little brother. Ethan was a chosen brother and not a born one. We decided we wanted to be family no matter where they decided to put us. Every time the split us up, I tracked him back down to make sure he was safe and happen wherever they put him. When I ran to escape the aliens, he refused to be left behind. Family sticks together, was what he told me. So he followed me onto the streets to avoid the aliens.

Right now, he looks fearful eyes up to me and tugs on my sleeve again. Kneeling down next to him, he puts his arms around me and says into my ear, “Em, I think we are being watched.”