BookFever: Chosen Fool by Scarlett Dawn

Just finished this book for problem the 2oth time since buying it on my Kindle. I can’t believe what happens to Caroline, Caro, throughout this novel. If you haven’t started reading this series yet I recommend starting with the 1st book in it titled King Hall. Spoilers coming up!!!

So we pick up right where the book before this one let’s off. Caro, the other Prodigies, the current Kings and Queens, and some Elders are all at a ski resort to relax before the Prodigies take over. They all got more than they bargained for. First, we have an unannounced visit from the One’s parents, who nobody likes. Then Caro’s past comes back with a vengeance. We get to see the One go completely on a jealous warpath and Caro finally punching him the face for be the ass that he is. Another thing we learn is we finally get to understand what kind of life Caro has led in the past, what with her and Sin being speared to the freaking wall by the mysterious Bossman. Who we finally figure out is Phillip Materson, who was suppose to have died in the end of the 3rd book!!!

These moments are just the tip of the iceberg. We finally get to see Caro let lose with her powers and what a spirit Elmentals duty is, which kind of sucks to be honest. Seeing the living and breathing versions of everything horrible in this world, called Shadows, and then having to kill them in battle. Oh yeah, the worst part is sucking the evil energy inside yourself and then to let your Core power transform it into pure goodness, which the spirit then releases back into the cosomos. Caro has some problems with this since she is such a young elemental. But the biggest revelation comes when we figure out that all the spirits we currently know, the One, his parents, and commanders, are all impostors!!

Caro finally manages to defeat them, but then has to go tell the real one that he had a double made of him by somebody stealing a portion of his power; this double is known as a Walker. The showdown of personalities and wits between Caro and the real One is hilarious. The One thinks he has won until Caro makes a smart ass comment back at him. The smile that falls from his face makes me laugh every time. The One and his two Commanders come back with Caro to tell the current Rulers the possible name of the individual that made the Walkers. Turns out that the individual, Jacob Angel/Singer, is known by Caro. Oh, he is also helping Phillip Materson plan to kill the current Rulers.

If all this isn’t bad enough, Caro is almost kidnapped by Phillip. However, when he was in the process of kidnapping her his magic went all wonky after Sin shot him in the arm. Caro manages to escape him, but there is a slight problem with that. Instead of beginning in the year 2035 any more, she is now in the year 1993 and stuck there for now! Caro has to change her identity and everything to hide among the population of this time. The funny thing is though, she meets the current Prodigies of this time, which is really strange when she knows them in her time as Elders. Surprisingly enough they all become fast friends. At the end of the book, the Prodigies and Caro all go out to a party and get massively drunk. Caro ends up in the bed of…Elder Merrick, who is an Shifter Elder. She doesn’t realize it until the morning after and rolls over to see the one person in her timeline that doesn’t really like her.

Scarlett really left us on a cliffhanger. We have no idea what will happen to Caro now. How will she get back to her time? Will she even get back? Will Phillip Materson catch up with her? Will the people living in this timeline discover she is from the future? And most importantly in my opinion, is Caro now pregnant with Elder Merrick’s child? And could this child be John Smith, a Hybrid Spirit Elemental/Wolf Shifter, that we first met in the 2nd book?

If you have any ideas on what could possible happen in the next book, leave a comment and we can discuss what we think will happen to Caro and whether or not she is pregnant with Elder Merrick’s child.