Amazon VS iBooks


Amazon VS iBooks: Who Does it Better?

For my infographic on the Amazon app and iBooks app, I changed a couple of things. Firstly, I went back and totally redid my reviews section of each. Amazon reviews can be found in multiple stores, since there is a version for pretty much any device–whether Android, PC, Kindle, or Samsung. So I added section onto my infographic with a handful a reviews from each of the different stores that lets a customer download the Amazon Kindle app. However, I had a lot more trouble finding reviews for iBooks, since it is only available in the iTunes store. The reviews on iTunes about iBooks are a little strange. There were more good reviews than bad, making it hard to show on both the positives and negatives about the app. I don’t know if this is a sign that everything is great with this app, or if people are just not posting negative review and whether iTunes is not showing them.

Another aspect of my inforgraph I changed was the sections containing which features were unique to each app and what they shared together. I got the suggestion to put this information into a Venn Diagram, which I really liked. Looking at the before and after files of these sections, you can definitely understand the presented information better. Before it was hard to understand what each of the section were representing and my layout of these section was very cluttered. I also enlarged all my text, because it was to small for an online publication.

Overall, what I learned from this assignment is that there are many different apps out there for people to download. Those apps can have different versions to them and be available for only select products. They can also have apps that are very similar to them, like the Amazon app and the iBooks app. What it comes down to is what you prefer to work with and are better able to understand how to use the app.