Midwest Writers Workshop 2017 Wrap Up

The workshop was a blast! I got to meet many new faces and get to know so many different authors, agents, and editors, but one of the best parts was seeing people from the previous year’s conference where I was an attendee and these old faces remembered me! It was so much fun to catch up with these other aspiring writers to see how their year has gone.

I had the joy of being an assistant to one of the agents that came to our workshop, Roseanne Wells. I do have to admit to being nervous to met my agent on the 1st day of the conference. I was necessarily nervous for the conference in general since I had attended it before. So I already knew how the conference went. Meeting my agent and just getting to know her a little bit was interesting. We all think agents are these figures to approach cautiously. Figures that we want to impress and not screw up in front of, but at the workshop I got to see that these agents are also people and just want to sit down and have a normal time like the rest of use. They didn’t think they were better and were so inviting. Answering the many questions that we interns had with much enthusiast.

I am hoping that I will be able to attend the workshop in 2018, but since I have graduated from college I have no idea where I will be next summer! New York? Down south somewhere? Maybe on the west coast somewhere? Who knows! But I am really hoping that I will be able to attend the conference next year, because I just want to see everybody again. All the old faces and especially all the new ones that I will hopefully met and make friends with. After all, that is one of the reasons that I plan on attending in the years to come is just for the friendly environment for writers. And being able to talk books with other like minded individuals. Peoples who’s eyes don’t glaze over when you try to describe the latest book you are reading! 🙂

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