Night Terrors, Part #9

I can’t believe it. These alien things have assigned each kid a Guardian. A Guardian that it suppose to help us through the transition of moving planets and the differences in the laws on said planets. More like spies. I watch as the different Guardians run their eyes up and own their assign charges. What they don’t see that I do is some sort of judgement in their eyes. It is like they are measuring us up for something.

Turning around to face my “Guardian,” I see it is just a kid like me. Well I assume it is a kid, since it is just a few inches taller than me. Normally that would be a sign that somebody is way older than me, but this kid is all arms and legs like you would see in a human teenager. I don’t know if that is the same for this race, but its eyes seem softer somehow. Like it hasn’t really seen much of the harshness of living.

It walks up to me. It pauses a couple of steps away ad stares at me. when I make no notion to introduce myself, it cocks its head,

“You are the human teen called Ember, correct?”

I stare at it some more. The less I say the better. They don’t deserve to know anything about me.

The thing cocks his head to the opposite shoulder, “Yes, I can tell that you are. Zovaski said you might cause me some troubles, but I don’t believe you will give me any at all.” The thing smiles at me. He crouches down and looks behind me, “And this must be the human child called Ethan, right?”

My mind was still stuck on that word he used, Zovaski. What the hell was that word? However my mind quietly flashes away from its wondering to glare down at the thing on its haunches where it is smiling at Ethan, “Hey. Eyes off him and we won’t have any troubles. Got it?”

The thing tilts its head up to me and then flows back into a standing position. I blink quickly and glance at Ethan out of the corner of my eye. His mouth is hanging open a bit and his eyes are blown wide open. So I wasn’t imaging it. The thing in front of us moved very quickly between crouching and standing. And it did is so smoothly. Like water flowing in a stream. Weird.

The thing stares at me in surprise for a few seconds then blanks its features, “Allow me to introduce myself. I am called Traydum and a member of the Draculls race.  I am to be your Guardian through this transition for you.”

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