Night Terrors, Part #8

I stand against the wall along with everybody else. All the other kids in the “room” we have been kept in scan the hallway. This is the first time they have let us out on their ship and the others want to pretend indifference, but are completely failing in that standard. I on the other hand, really don’t give a shit. Turning up in new places is something pretty common for me. No home every wanted to keep me longer than it had to, so I just lean back to my shoulders hit the wall and close my eyes. Haven’t got much sleep recently and this is a perfect time to catch some shut eye.

At least it would be if Ethan didn’t start tugging on my hand to wake me up. Flickering my eyes open and scowling down at him, I see his small, pale face staring across the hall at the opposite wall. Glancing it that direction to see what i the world has him so frantic, I freeze when I see the alien that started this all staring back at me. After getting over my surprise at seeing its ugly ass again, my scowl deepens further.

The thing smirks at me and opens it’s mouth, but before its says anything to me another alien hisses at it. At least it sounds like a hiss. The ass in front of me looks at the hissy one and starts to hiss back. Listening closely, I can hear different levels and sounds in the hiss. Huh? The hisses must be their version of talking. The ass smirks at me one more time and then walks away. I watch his back until it reaches the end of the line of human kids and turns back around to face us.

Ethan tugs on my hand again. Looking at him and seeing that his face is still pale I tell him, “We are surrounded by a bunch of putty cats.”  He reacts like I hoped he would, he starts to giggle quietly beside me. Feeling something predator focusing on me, I look back down the hallway to see the ass glaring at me. He must have heard me. I smile as sweetly as I could at him.


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