Night Terrors, Part #7

“Hey what’s the kid doing here. Thought they weren’t to take any around his age?” I turn around and glance at a boy about fifteen or sixteen walking towards me. He has on black jeans and a black tee with a white skull on it dripping red blood. Charming. I can see a gold chain peeking through the collar of his shirt around his neck. His giant, black boots stomp across the metal flooring of the room we are in. I look up at his face and see that he has brown eyes and dark hair. However, his eyes stall my inspection of him. Normally whenever somebody has brown eyes, others describe them as loving and full of warmth. Like Mother Earth, but these eyes don’t bring any feelings of warmth and kindness. Instead they bring up my awareness of him and I can feel adrenaline start to pump through me. This is a kid that has fought and perhaps killed before and he has targeted me as his next victim.

“Hey! I’m talking to you. Who’s the kid?” the boy stops in front of me and reaches around me to grab at Ethan. I slap his hand away and place myself between them. I loose up the muscles in my arms when I see his eyes go from astonishment that somebody would darn not let him have his way to complete and utter fury at being denied something he wanted.

“Who the hell are you? Listen girl, you better move right now and fuck off. This has nothing to do with you. I just want to know who the fuck the kid is?” He crosses his arms over his chest and smirks at me. I just raise my eyebrow at him. Like he thought just because he had more muscle mass and height on me that I was going to cower away from him.

I calmly stare a him, “Okay little man, you think you can threaten me and make me cower off, but I can tell you nothing you say or do is going to make me move from this position. Oh by the way, think about even touching my little brother again and you won’t have a working hand to touch him or anybody else with. Got it?”

His face darkens further and further throughout my warning for him to lay off. I hear some snickers from the crowd of other kids around us. I see a couple glancing in worry at me. Looks like toughfy here as already made himself quite a following of people who fear him. Well, I don’t fear much and this kid certainly isn’t on my list of things to fear.

“What?! Why you little bitch!! Seems like nobody taught you to obey your betters. Maybe I should teach you that mistake.” He backs up a step. I watch him bring gis arm back, curl his hand into a fist, and aim at my face. He plans to hit me and hit me badly. I start to laugh at him. I just can’t help it. Out of the corner of my eye, I see everybody freeze. Hell even the kid in front of me does. They all stare at me like I got a couple of screws loose. They are probably right.

Still choking on air from my laughing fit, I manage to the crowd and the kid in front of, “Little boy, I am really annoyed that I was somehow taken and brought to where the fuck we are. Especially since I can’t recall getting here, so you might not want to throw that little punch at me. I have had a bad day and would love to kick somebody’s ass.” I straighten up and smirk at the kid in front of me now. He snarls at the look of amazement still swimming in my eyes. “You might think you are bigger and stronger than me, but you are wrong. You might be the biggest one here, but I have fought bigger and kick their ass.”

There is dead silence all around me as everybody just stares at me. apparently nobody thought to challenge doofus here in front of me. What breaks that silence are snorts of laughter behind me. I smile myself as Ethan barely hold in his laughter. He knew who I quoted and he always thinks it is hilarious that I quote superheroes before I kick somebody’s ass. I watch as the kid is front of me cocks his arm back again to swing at me. I move up onto the balls of my feet in anticipation of the fight to come.

Yeah, the crowd is definitely right. i do have a few screws missing.

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