Night Terrors, Part #6

“Come on Ember! Wake up! Please. please wake up! We have to move!”

I hear this little voice keep repeating over and over again for me to wake up. The voice is begging me to response to it. Listening, I can hear the thickness in the voice and at the same time the shrillness of it. Sounds like a voice holding back sobs mix with a voice screaming in fear. The voice stirs something in me. The something knows that this voice means the world to us and that it is our duty to make sure the owner of the voice is safe.

I can feel my heart start to pick up its speed a little bit. The feel of my blood going from my heart to other places in my body makes me realize that I am not just something floating in space. That I have a physical body that grounds me to the earth. My blood flows through across my chest to my shoulders. I try and shrug those shoulder, wondering if  can. I can feel the littlest bits of sharpness digging into them when they press further down on the ground.

Next the blood flows down my arms to elbows and then eventually my hands and fingers. I try and twitch them. I can hear the voice gasps beside me, then a firm tightness envelopes my entire hand. The tightness gets stronger and the voice starts to beg, “Come on Ember. Wake up! Come on! Please Ember, I’m scared!”

Knowing that the owner of the voice is frighten, I make my heart pump just a bit more faster. This time the blood flows down my chest into my hips then into my legs. I restlessly move them and feel a sharp twinge from the left one. That one doesn’t respond like it should.

The blood then flows up from shoulders and into my neck then head. I can feel the blood flow in front of my eyes where my eyelids cover them. Focusing as hard as I can, I start to lift them up to see where the owner of that voice is. I can make out some dim lights around me that has everything in shadows. And there are a lot of shadows. Shadows that move around when I feel no breeze on my skin. These shadows belong to other things that move at their own free-will

However, there is one shadow that has my full attention. The shadow is curled up next to me and holding tightly to my hand. It is this shadow that has been begging me to wake up and help it. Turning my head fully toward the shadow, I squint and start to make out its features. Shaggy, blond hair with blue eyes swimming in water that he refuses to let slide down his face. Starting at the face something seems to pop in my mind. I feel like some sort of release happens and everything starts to flood back into my head, causing it to ache something fierce.

Groaning and moving my fear hand to grasp my head, I remember the ships appearing and then their demand for kids like me to go with them. Then running away so they couldn’t catch me, but eventually a tracker found us and the thing told me to come with it and leave…Ethan behind! I also remember telling it to fuck off. After that everything is pretty blank.

Looking over at Ethan, I remove my hand from his and place my arm around him as I sit up. He curls into my side and buries his face into my neck. I can feel a slight dampness there. He was really worried about me, “Ethan, where are we? I don’t remember how we got here?”

Ethan sniffles against my neck then moves his small face to my ear and says, “Ember, I think we are on the alien spaceship.”


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