Night Terrors, Part #4

I cannot see Ethan, but I can feel the air around him flinch. I feel his small hand reach up and tugs gently on the back of my shirt twice. Pauses then does it again. It is our own secret language. Letting me know that the escape route is just two steps away and he was wondering if we should make a break for it. I don’t know what to do. If what I have heard people saying on the streets is true, than these things are much faster than the normal person. But even if then, we have to try. I can’t let them take Ethan or me.

Reaching behind my back, I grasp Ethan’s small hand in my where it still grips my shirt. I can feel the small thing just trembling inside my own. I slowly and careful squeeze it and then I let go again. Bringing my hand back around to my side. The entire time I don’t remove my gaze from the alien in front of me. The thing doesn’t look away from me either. In fact, the thing even tilts his hand slightly to the right as if I was doing something that confused him greatly.

“What do you want? Why have you been looking for us?”

The thing looks at me and just examines me again, “You are a rather troublesome person to track down. You have managed to evade many of my brothers and sisters,” he pauses and shakes his head. “How a little thing like you can disappear so well is quite shocking. Especially when dragging around that.” He jerks his gaze down to Ethan, who freezes when the thing locks him in its sights.

“Hey freaky alien thingy, eyes up here. You never answered my question. Don’t you have a basic understanding of English? Cause if not, your invasion plan is going to be shitty as hell. I mean, why the hell you would not learn one of the biggest languages out there. You seriously didn’t do your homework if so.” I knew I was blabbing and being a smartass, but the thing needed to keep his eyes away from Ethan.

The thing look back and me and glares. It doesn’t look to pleased now, “Yes I understand English. Why do you think I was sent to your part of the world to track down our escapees? Now I need to be back soon, we should be going. Come along little girl,” so saying the thing actually turns around. Like it expects me to obediently fall in step behind it and just fall it to Timbuctoo.

He turns his head and glances at Ethan again over his shoulder, “Be sure to leave that thing behind. It has no use to us.”

I watch as he starts to stroll back down the street like it has no care in the world. It walks a couple of feet, then it stops. It looks back at me. Its eyes pinch around the edges as if continues to stare at me, “Well come on. I don’t have all night.”

Glancing down at Ethan from the corner of my eyes, I jerk my head slightly to the side. I can see he is not happy about this suggestion, but he will obey. Focusing fully on the thing, “Listen up thing. Things might be different from wherever the hell you came from, but here we don’t generally follow people—especially things—into the dark. And I am not living my brother behind.”

I watch as the thing spins back around to face me fully. It scowls at me. Its face all scrunched up and eyes darkening even more, “I don’t care what you want. You will follow me and leave behind the little thing. You are meant to obey me, as the person who is assigned to track you down. So let’s go.”

“Tough shit.”

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