Night Terrors, Part #3

The creature before me had a human body. Bi-pedal and everything. Two eyes. A hole for a mouth. A nose. Two arms and legs. Just spotting such a figure in the shadows would have a person thinking that they were passing another human being, but they would be wrong. Very wrong.

The eyes on this thing were pure black. The entire oval shape object was covered by its pupil and with just a hint of its true color on the sides of it. I have heard on the street that this is because their planet is always in darkness and always having a giant pupil always them to basically see in the dark. The mouth has the fullest and softest lips I have ever seen on a person. A nice place shape of pink, but that doesn’t hide the sharp white teeth behind those lips. Teeth so white they look like pieces of bone that have been picked clean by some scavengers animals.

The thing looks to be about a foot taller than my own 5ft 5in height. The thing has ridiculous long, wavy black hair that falls down to the top of its shoulders, which contrasts nicely with his milky skin-tone. I glare at the thing’s hair in disgust. My own black hair is nowhere no near as pretty and silky looking. It usually in a ponytail and out of the way of people who would try and get a drop on me. Glancing back at the thing’s eyes, I startle to realize that the entire time I had been studying it, the thing had been studying me too.

I narrow my eyes at the thing, while it tips up the corner of those soft looking lips at me,

“Hello children. We have been searching for you.”

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